nointelligentLife Lies Again

“You make no sense, LOL”


The timeline is taken directly from THIS WEB SITE [Miami Herald], and corresponds with the 911 call transcripts.

“The witness on the phone heard the confrontation”

DeeDee, you mean?  The one that remained SILENT and went about her normal routine after HER FRIEND WAS “MURDERED”, AFTER TELLING HER HE WAS BEING CHASED BY SOME GUY?

“that evidence is much better than you’re silly attempt at timelining.”

The phone call to Trayvon dropped at 7:16 (rounded to minutes in phone records)…  WHICH IS CONSISTENT WITH THE TIMELINE I HAVE CITED.

This is YET ANOTHER EXAMPLE of why you expend so much effort to AVOID BEING SPECIFIC… Every time you do, you get your azz handed to you.



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