intelligentLife replied to puckman

You idiots always say that, but they’re more and more people armed every day and yet none of your armed citizen patriots ever seem to stop one of these shooting sprees.

No, none, never.

Churchgoer with concealed carry permit stops man with shotgun.

How about stopping a STABBING spree?

Man uses concealed weapon to stop stabbing spree, police say he likely saved lives

How about just stopping a robbery?

Man credits concealed carry weapon for saving two lives.

Why is it stupid to blame lawful gun owners for the actions of nutjobs.

“Nationwide, there have been no law enforcement officials shot by any person with a CCW, no school or church shootings by any person with a CCW, no “blood on the streets”, no “Dodge City shootouts”, no instances of the guns being taken away and used by the badguys, no rise in accident levels, no prisons full of untrained CCW holders who shot otherwise innocent people willy-nilly, and no examples of children shot dead by CCW holders.”

I’ve gotten tired of the strange amnesia that effects Team Skittles when it comes to posts that crush your stupid premises.

I can’t even keep track of how many threads you Team Skittles morons let drop, JUST TO RETURN WITH THE SAME LAME AND BOGUS IDIOCY AS BEFORE.

So, rather than watch as you go skipping merrily from LIES TO LIES TO LIES, I’m maintaining an ARCHIVE OF THE LIES OF TEAM SKITTLES.



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