nocamo and another example of Team Skittles Amnesia

nocamo replied to Dolphintam

The only proof you have T attacked Zimmerman was Zimmermans own words, if I have to explain to you why no ‘reasonable’ person should believe his word, I have truly wasted my time. And yet you so confidently assert Trayvon was a thug…

you replied to nocamo


What about Zimmerman’s broken nose, the blood on the back of his head, the testimony of his doctor, the EMT who treated him, the cops that questioned him and took photos of his injuries and the eyewitness testimony of the guy that saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman beating him?

Why do folks “confidently assert” Trayvon was a thug?

Trayvon had been suspended three times, for truancy, vandalism, and drugs. He was caught with stolen jewelry and burglar’s tools.

How many times SHOULD he have been suspended?

Juvenile delinquent, check.

He used pot, he’s a pothead. There’s also reason to believe he was a petty dealer, as well as a user.

How much pot SHOULD a teenager be smoking? Or DEALING?

Trayvon attacked a man who was doing nothing violent or illegal. That, not to mention such charming data points as his punching a bus driver and engaging in street fighting indicates clearly he’s a thug.

Trayvon Martin was a juvenile delinquent pothead thug.


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